Giving Me Butterflies

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Giving Me Butterflies - Experience the Flutter of Emotions!

Remember the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach - that delightful rush of excitement and anticipation? Now, wouldn't you love to capture that enchanting sensation with a candle?

Ignite your senses and immerse yourself in a world of fluttering emotions? Giving Me Butterflies promises to transport you to a realm of Lavender, Green Tea, and Lilac, embracing you with an aroma that evokes joy and tranquility. Just like the first moments of falling in love or embarking on a new adventure, this coconut soy wax candle encapsulates the essence of butterflies in your heart.

Elevate your space with a fragrance that sets your soul aflutter. Embrace the magic of Giving Me Butterflies - a candle that captures the essence of those cherished moments, leaving you captivated by its spell.

Scent Notes:
- Lavender
- Green Tea
- Lilac